Create! Reignite your Creativity and Passion (8 sessions, 60 mins each)

I’ve structured this one-on-one package with a single overarching goal: to help women grow in the creative process so they can create their art in a way that best represents their most authentic selves. 


This package may be for you, IF YOU -


  • Are interested in personal development
  • Have been feeling stuck or blocked
  • Need some motivation and inspiration
  • Are feeling alone, even though you have (or potentially could have) a network of supportive folks in your life
  • Are ready to share your art with the world (or just one person) in new ways – in ways that feel exciting to you
  • Would like to actually enjoy the creative process again
  • Exist in one of two modes – not producing at all OR creating like a machine
  • Have a gazillion projects and ideas, but have a hard time with prioritizing and follow through


You will walk away with -


  • Your creative mojo ignited!
  • Tools that will allow you to recognize and tackle the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from achieving your creative goals
  • Clarity! You will get crystal clear on what you want your creative life to look like and concrete steps to take to make it a reality
  • Confidence to call on your inner guidance and make creative decisions that feel right for you
  • Tools that will allow you to identify the relationships in your life that love, support, and inspire you - and can help you through the creative process
  • Tools to ground you and help you set realistic intentions, goals, and deadlines
  • A new schedule – one that feels better and actually works for you


-  If any of this resonates, let’s schedule a 30 minute complimentary meet and greet/intro call -


The content in this package is derived from life coaching tools, the emerging neuroscience of creativity, and positive psychology.  The content in this package is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client.