Your Best Life: Create it, Live it, Love it. Authentically. (General Life Coaching)  (8 sessions, 60 mins each)

I’ve structured this one-on-one package with a single overarching goal: to work with women who are ready to incorporate personal development tools into their lives so they can begin making life decisions that are reflective of their most authentic selves


In this program, you will learn tools to -


  •   Feel better!  Get your energy back!

  •   Make deeply authentic and positive changes in your life
  •   Recognize and tackle the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back in work, relationships,  and life
  •   Confidently call on your inner guidance to make decisions that feel right for you
  •   Put your self-care needs first - this includes saying NO without that torturous guilty feeling
  •  Recognize, cultivate, and nurture the relationships in your life that are healthy, that love, support, and inspire you


This package may be for you, IF YOU -


  •   Are interested in personal development
  •   Feel like life is generally good - you certainly have nothing really to complain about - but something just isn’t quite right. You are not entirely fulfilled… And you can’t seem to put your finger on why
  •   Would like to start making decisions with confidence – based on what you actually want versus what you “should” do or what others want you to do
  •   Often feel out of balance between work, social engagements, and me-time


The content in this package is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client.


-  If any of this resonates, let’s schedule a 30 minute complimentary meet and greet/intro call  -