My coaching philosophy:

In a nutshell, I listen and ask questions. If you think about it, everyone you talk to has a motivation/mission – they want you to act/be a certain way – in a way that makes them happy or tries to make you happy.  They are motivated to “fix you” or your problems.  I am in the nicest way possible, not. My role as coach is to curiously ask questions that guide you to look within and find answers. I am not going to tell you what is best for you. I can’t solve your problems. I can only engage in a dialogue with you that allows you to explore alternative ways of thinking that may feel better to you. Only you can know what is best for you and I respect that completely.   

Who are my clients?

My clients are women who are interested in incorporating self-care and self-improvement tools in to their lives with the purpose of enhancing their already pretty darn-good life. These women are ready to make some positive changes.